Following Cyclone Tracy in 1974, Community Welfare operated a child welfare service (Dundas House) from temporary premises in St Mary's Pre-school, Fannie Bay.  At this time a large number of people urgently required day care for their children and they were also accommodated at our centre, priority being given to single parent families.

  • 1975: In January, Dundas House returned to its new building and the parents formed the Palmerston Parents Co-operative (later changed to Association Inc) to try and continue this service.
  • 1976: The Office of Child Care granted money for the building of three new Child Care and Neighbourhood Centres to be owned and maintained by the Darwin City Council.
  • 1977: In February, Palmerston Parents Association commenced operation in its present building in Stuart Park.  At this time assistance was also given in the form of Government subsidies.
  • 1986: Name changed to Stuart Park Neighbourhood and Child Care Centre to identify with the local area.
  • 2004: Registered to trade as Stuart Park Child Care Centre.