Katrina White


Hi, my name is Katrina !

I have been educating and caring for children at SPCCC since 2011. I have completed my Certificate 3 in children’s services and am studying my Diploma in Children’s Services and work as a Room Leader. I started to work in child care about 2 years ago but have been babysitting since about age 8.  Ever since I was a baby myself I was always looking after my little sister or my dolls.  I absolutely love children and through it would be the perfect job for myself, everything I do is based on my instinct and I believe as long as the children feel happy, safe and healthy then we can work together on the children learning through play.

I work in the baby’s room, ages 6 months up until 2 years old and I think it’s very important that the children have a secure attachment with a primary educator (John Bowldy – Theory of Emotional Attachment).  If the children feel safe and secure in their environment and with their primary educators they are going to have more confidence in doing new experiences that educators provide.  This also means having a confident and trusting relationship with the families.  It’s very important to me to stay in contact with families on a daily basis.  Information for parents about how their child’s day was, is a relief to them, knowing they had a good day and it can also prepare parents if their child has had not so good of a day and may be grumpy.

I believe the baby’s room is about care and nurturing, building secure attachments and providing for each baby’s state of development eg sitting, crawling, and walking.  Settling them in to the child care environment and then preparing them for the toddler room.  Toddler’s room (2 years – 3 years) is more about intentional teaching coming from the interests of the children, explain to children why we do what we do eg wash our hands, brush our teeth.  Making sure the toddlers are stimulated and not bored as this is a very active age and then preparing them for the pre-school room.  Pre-schoolers room (3 years – 5 years) this room has a lot to do with the children’s own interests and educators providing for the children to extend on their own ideas, intentional teaching and preparing children for school.

This reflects on my program as in the baby’s room I am always speaking with parents about what the children are doing at home and watching the children of a morning (family grouping) to decide on what we will do that day.  Knowing the developmental stages and providing experiences to encourage the children to accept new challenges and experience pride in their attempts.

When I first started in child care I thought it was just about looking after children but there is so much more to think about now.  My parenting ways are different to what I do in a child care but I treat, care and protect all children like I would my own.  Reading through the EYLF, NQS, theories, policy and other resources, I am getting more ideas on why we do what we do and new ways to go about children’s behaviour issues and learning ways.

I love my job and the most important things are the children being happy, safe, healthy and feeling like they belong, as well as having a strong and trusting relationship with all parents and co-workers by respecting their culture beliefs and parenting ways.

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