Natalie Kahlert


Hi, my name is Natalie.  I have been educating and caring for children at SPCCC since 2000.  I have my Diploma in Children’s Services and am working on completing my teaching degree.  I have experience in all age groups and also use my knowledge and skills in the role of Assistant Director.

As an educator in an education and care service it is my duty to provide the best possible care for all children.  I believe that all children should be treated equal no matter what race or gender.
I will provide a learning environment for the children to feel safe and secure and to have a sense of belonging within the group.  To do this I will gain knowledge of the children’s cultural backgrounds with the help of families, educators and the wider community.  I think it is important to have that special relationship with the parents to make them feel respected and encourage them to be a part of our programme within our service.

I will source knowledge from our wider community and encourage them to share their knowledge with our children, families and educators.  The programme is based on the Ealry Years Learning Framework which focuses on play based learning.  When I am working in partnerships with families and other educators I will provide various learning outcomes to encourage children’s learning.  Children will be encouraged to be active participants in their day to day activities.
To further my learning and keep up to date so I can provide the best possible care for our children, I will attend professional development courses and share my knowledge with my colleagues and parents.

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